Welcome To 18 Chestnuts!

Welcome To 18 Chestnuts!

Article at a Glance

  • Here at 18 Chestnuts, we have a passion for making it easy for you to have healthy and optimal nutrition.
  • We’ve incorporated and blended a wide range of nutrients into our soups.
  • We source most of our ingredients locally and package all of our soups in glass jars and compostable materials.

18 Chestnuts: Serving Health, Happiness And Joy In Every Jar

Welcome to 18 Chestnuts! We’ve been hard at work perfecting our recipes and getting ready to send our soups out into the world. Thank you for visiting our website – we can’t wait to share our golden ratio of goodness with you!

18 Chestnuts was born out of a passion for healthy living and optimal nutrition, and the search for a creative outlet. After a successful career in commercial real estate, our founder, Ilona, was ready for a new adventure. She became a yoga teacher and enrolled in Cornell University’s healthy living nutrition certification program. Then, taking what she had learned and combining it with her passion for nutrition, health, and the joy of food, she created 18 Chestnuts.

Nutrition, Community And Sustainability In Every Spoon

At 18 Chestnuts, we believe that food has power. That’s why we’ve incorporated a wide range of nutrients into our soups, and blended them for maximum nutritional absorption. It’s why we source ingredients locally whenever possible, and package our soups in glass jars and compostable materials. And it’s why we support nonprofit organizations and teach local children how to cook and love healthy food. It’s a new take on soup for a new world.

Savor The Experience Of Soup

If you’re ready to try our delicious, plant-based, gluten-free soups, visit our online shop and pick your favorites. We offer one-time ordering and convenient subscriptions to fit your schedule. Get healthy, nourishing soup delivered to your door – no meal planning or grocery shopping required!

18 Chestnuts crafts delicious, plant-based soups that deliver on nutrition and flavor. We offer soup subscriptions and one-time orders, as well as soup gift options. Whether you’re too busy to cook, want a nutritious option, have dietary restrictions or want to send soup to someone who needs a comforting meal, 18 Chestnuts is for you!

With a wide range of all-natural soup flavors including Beetroot Apple, Red Pepper Pomodoro, Carrot Ginger Dill, Butternut Squash & Pear, and Asparagus Shiitake, our gourmet soup will thrill your tastebuds. All 18 Chestnuts soups are dairy-free, low-glycemic, locally sourced and nutrient dense. Check out our soups and schedule your own gourmet soup delivery today!