We believe all humans are creative beings. Our founder and visionary, Ilona, discovered the magic of making soups in her search for a creative outlet. Cooking is her craft. We want everyone that tries 18 Chestnuts to experience the artistry that soup allows. Taking in the complex scents and new flavor combinations is an experience in itself while the vegetables we use are vibrant in both color and nutrient density.

Simply put, we hold soup in high regard and want all of our customers to feel the joy and care that was put into making it.

Building Community & GIVING BACK

Our community has helped us get to where we are today, and we want to pay it forward. We support the physical community in which we operate, working with local farmers for many of our soup ingredients. In addition, we dedicate time to teaching children about the many (delicious) benefits of eating plants. As they nourish their growing bodies and minds, they grow up to be healthy adults that contribute to the health of their own communities, keeping the cycle going.

Finally, we shine a light on nonprofit organizations doing hard and important work in our community and around the world. We feature a new charity every six months, we donate a percentage of our profits to that organization, and encourage our customers to make donations if they’re able. Soup brings people together, and together, we can lift each other up.

Sustainably CENTERED

All ingredients and materials for 18 Chestnuts soups are sustainably sourced. We work with local farmers and vendors, whenever possible, to see their processes firsthand and know that we’re putting the best into each jar.

Speaking of, those jars are glass for a reason! Glass has a much higher recyclability rate than the single-use plastics we see everywhere, making it a better choice for the environment. We also compost any food waste that’s created during the cooking process. From every angle, we’ve kept our collective home – this planet – a main priority.


Soup is one of those dishes that gives you even more than you asked for. It provides comfort, nourishment and a sense of warmth you can feel deep in your soul.

18 Chestnuts celebrates this magical power that soup holds and encourages all to share it. Soup is nostalgic and comforting, which is why we frequently use it as a gift. As we know, it’s the experiences in life that make the largest impact.

OUR FOUNDER - Ilona Kossoff

18 Chestnuts was founded by Ilona Kossoff. After working in law and accounting, and as CFO of a commercial real estate company she co-owned with her husband, Ilona craved a creative outlet. She completed a 200-hour yoga teaching certification, and enrolled in the prestigious Cornell University healthy living nutrition certification program.

Ilona had been passionate about nutrition, health, and good food for much of her life – and making soup for just as many years. So when she received her certification from Cornell, it all clicked. This was the creative spark she had been looking for! She spent the next several months learning, creating and refining, and 18 Chestnuts was born.

Our Team




    A decades-long search for a creative outlet led Ilona to the kitchen. There, she combined her nutrition education, passion for healthy living, and love of nature to create 18 Chestnuts.

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    VP of Sales & Marketing

    An entrepreneur and former commercial real estate professional, Steve eagerly signed on to help Ilona bring her vision to life. Taste-testing is an added bonus!

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    Executive Chef

    After 15 years in the hospitality industry, Susie is excited to bring her creativity and love of food and farm-driven ingredients to 18 Chestnuts.

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    Jon Broney

    VP of Operations

    Having a wide array of supply chain knowledge spanning 18 years over multiple sectors. Jon focusses on Supply Chain Management & has a passion for solving complex issues.

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    Ken Hurley

    Warehouse Manager

    Ken's professionalism guarantees orders arrive to your doorstep with great ease!

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