Introducing 18 Chestnuts' Monthly Soupologist Recipe Contest

Each month we will be featuring your own personal take on our delectable soups mixed with your favorite recipes.

Our founder, Ilona, will personally review each and every delicious submission to decide which ones pique her taste buds the most.

The winning recipe will not only be featured on Social Media and website but WIN FREE soups!

We're excited to see the scrumptious results of your culinary skills combined with our products.

How To Enter

  1. Devise a recipe using one of our Featured Soups or any 18 Chestnuts Soups you like as an ingredient mixed with your favorite recipe. Feel free to get creative! Our soups are versatile as your imagination!
  2. Submit a picture or video of the dish you designed using 18 Chestnuts soups
  3. Submit the written recipe and guide to your masterpiece so that it can be recreated
  4. Submit a headshot of yourself along with your first name, city and state
Submit Your Recipe

Featured Soups


  • First-place winner will receive 6 FREE jars of soup ($75 value)

  • Runner-ups will receive 3 FREE jars of soup ($37.50 value)

  • Recipe feature on our website and Social Media
Submit Your Recipe