Hello, I'm Ilona!

I have been interested in meaningful nutrition since my early twenties, out of a need to heal digestive malfunction. I am a certified yoga instructor and an avid student of how nutrition can optimize our health. I am creative and love the colorful, bountiful nature of the vegetable world.

After a decades-long search, I found my outlet for creativity and purposeful pursuit of nutrition in the kitchen. My inspiration comes from early morning farmer markets, the Cornell University healthy living program, and reading books by leaders in the field of nutrition.

I am curious about vegetables and what they can be transformed into with imagination and love. I want to share what I’ve learned and provide everyone with an opportunity to enjoy and love my soups as much as I do.

I have two English bulldogs who sometime venture for strolls, but are mostly content with being warm snuggle cushions. I love to read and be part of nature. I volunteer and seek opportunities to help children from broken homes, both locally and overseas.

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