Benefits of Mushroom Soup

Benefits of Mushroom Soup

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  • Mushrooms are considered the most sustainable vegetable food crop with the lowest carbon footprint.
  • Eating mushrooms benefit our body by providing vitamins and nutrients that we need for optimal health.
  • This mushroom soup also contains dates which are an antioxidant than can lower inflammation.


Mushrooms these days are found in just about everything. Mushroom coffee, mushroom facial masks, mushroom supplements. What is so fascinating about these little hidden jams that everyone is on the forage?

Did you know mushrooms are considered the most sustainable vegetable with the lowest carbon footprint than any other food crop? Mushrooms may be small, but they have a mighty system. In fact, underground fungal networks are believed to cover millions of miles. 

My passion, my creativity, and my constant drive to create unique food combinations in the soup pot have driven me to create a unique soup that nourishes your body and soul.

We start our eating journey, whether a snack or a full meal, with our brains. While our brain is communicating to our mouth, gut, pancreas and liver, it’s important to understand what good nutrition is. We need to select foods that serve our body to function at optimal energy levels. After all, every bite we take matters on a cellular level. 

I have been making my mushroom soup for decades. I have to admit that my original recipe from eons ago started with a full cup of heavy cream. Oy! However, over the years, as I gained and honed my knowledge about nutrition, the recipe changed and changed again.

Today’s Mountain Mushroom Soup recipe is a fraction of the original, but oh I am so proud of it. Instead of lacking, it soars! Portobello, shiitake and porcini mushrooms provide 70g of total mushrooms (or 1 cup) in one 8oz serving. Now, that’s a serving!




Why I Chose To Make My Mountain Mushroom Recipe Come To Life In The Glass Jar? 

Benefits of Mushrooms

First, mushrooms taste great! It is important to note that mushrooms are a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies benefit from. They are low caloric by nature but are an excellent source of minerals such as zinc, copper, and iron. These essential minerals are needed to maintain the proper function of all cells.


These fungi have vitamins B3(Niacin) and B5(Pantothenic acid) that aid in releasing energy from carbs and fat to give us the energy to function. Potassium is known to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance and allow nerve-muscle conduction, as well as to reduce the negative impact sodium has on the body’s function. Although, 18 Chestnut soups have 40% less sodium than leading brands.



ingredients of mountain mushroom soup



Mushrooms are great for improving immune function because of their anti-inflammatory properties. For such a low-caloric food, they are high in protein and have antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells from free radicals that can cause illness. Mushrooms are high in soluble fiber which is helpful with maintaining proper gut function and managing the body’s BMI. One serving of the mushroom soup offers 6g of fiber!

Benefits of Dates

Dates are a secret weapon in this soup. Just like the friendly mushrooms, dates are high in fiber and therefore helpful with digestion and avoidance of constipation and also, prevent blood sugar from spiking too high after a meal. They are considered to be low glycemic foods for this reason. Dates also have antioxidants.

Antioxidants such as flavonoids are believed to fight and reduce inflammation and in recent studies, have been shown to have a positive impact on reducing the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and even certain types of cancer. In addition, carotenoids promote heart health and finally, phenolic acid is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Dates may even support brain health through reduced inflammation in the body and brain. However, more research is being conducted in this area as we all yearn to understand how some foods help us thrive and some less so.

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