What is “Gut Health" and how important should it be to me?

What is “Gut Health" and how important should it be to me?

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This month, and the request of our customers, we launched an incredible new soup that we are so excited about - Roasted Cauliflower! This is an amazing soup that tastes delicious, looks beautiful, nourishes your body with valuable nutrients and, most importantly, it provides health in the jar!

We hear a lot about gut health these days. From nutritional research to blogs to medical findings…everyone is talking about the importance of being “Gut Healthy” and how much better you can look, feel and perform in your daily activities: 

Gut health is important because,

  1. A healthy digestive tract helps with brain-gut connection; 
  2. Gut health can aid in lowering the risk of stomach and colon cancer; 
  3. Good gut health eliminates constipation, bloating, heartburn and gas. 
  4. Sleep disturbances, increased fatigue, skin irritation, food intolerances and weight fluctuation can all be linked to an unhealthy gut

Recent medical studies supported the undisputable connection between the gut microbiome and its direct impact on the function of the brain. Symptoms of an unhealthy gut can cause brain fog, inability to focus or sleep, anxiety, stress, sadness and even depression. Not everything can be fixed with diet but, as we choose a diet rich in vegetables, low-sugar and low-sodium, we make an important decision towards improving brain-gut connection, lowering chances of cancer and improving digestion.  

Our roasted cauliflower soup can help significantly with these goals. Cauliflower is a truly remarkable member of the brassica family, a genuine powerhouse! It carries a special nutrient called glucosinolate which stimulates the body’s detox enzymes. It is high in fiber, which means it keeps the stomach sated longer, aids in weight loss and reduces the risk of indigestion while feeding good probiotic bacteria into the gut. In addition, cauliflower is rich in polyphenols that keep the body’s inflammation low and has antioxidant properties shown to fight free radicals that cause cancer. With high water, fiber and nutrient content, this cruciferous vegetable can help reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

But that’s not all, because many other vegetables contribute to this incredible soup. All high in fiber and each one from a different vegetable family that brings a wide range of nutrients and vitamins. This soup rounds up with nutritional yeast, which by itself is a darling in the vegan world and should be your everyday pantry stock item. Known for the savory flavor that resembles cheese; it can help reduce cholesterol. Lastly, a special mineral called chromium may help regulate blood sugar, further reducing the risk of diabetes. 

As we all strive for ways to age more gracefully, live better lives and wake every day seeking optimal health, consider 18 Chestnuts soups for the journey. Soup for health. Soup for life.

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