Celebrate Fall With A Soup Party!

Celebrate Fall With A Soup Party!

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  • If you are looking for a part idea, but do not want to host a dinner party, consider a soup party.
  • A soup party is the perfect party idea for fall.
  • You can make it even easier by setting up a soup buffet, read on for more great tips on hosting a soup party this fall.

It’s fall – also known as soup season! Here at 18 Chestnuts, we love sharing soup with our friends and loved ones. That’s why we love the idea of a soup party. Gathering together to eat soup with loved ones on a chilly fall evening? We’re not sure there’s anything that sounds better.

How To Host A Soup Party

Keep It Casual

A soup party is much different than a formal, sit-down dinner party. Invite guests to come and go as they please – the soup will stay warm! This will make the party feel low-key and casual, and guests will be more comfortable.

Choose Easy Soup Options

Keep it simple! Don’t spend time cooking up complicated soup recipes – order soup from 18 Chestnuts! We have a variety of delicious fall soups in two different sizes, so you can completely customize your soup party menu.

Lay Out A Soup Buffet

Set up a simple soup buffet in the kitchen. Depending on how many soups you serve, put soup in crockpots or in pots on the stove with the burners turned to low. Check them every half hour or so to make sure nothing is burning. Write out a simple label for each soup, and place a large spoon or ladle in each pot.

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Look for bowls that are on the smaller side so guests can sample several different soups. Make your party more sustainable with compostable bowls, spoons, and napkins – a quick Google search will turn up a variety of options. Just make sure your bowls are sturdy enough for soup!

Serve A Simple DIY Drink

Make a big batch of punch or a mixed cocktail and allow guests to serve themselves. Look for a punch bowl or other decorative container, and place it next to an ice bucket and plenty of cups. Apple cider and fruit-infused water make great nonalcoholic options.

Set Out Toppings

At the end of the buffet, set out a few bowls of soup toppings for additional texture and flavor. These can include nuts, seeds, herbs, sauces, plant-based cheeses, and more! Visit this blog post for a few good ideas: 4 Easy Toppings for 18 Chestnuts Soup

Send Leftovers Home With Guests

When prepping your soup, save and clean your 18 Chestnuts glass jars. Then, you’ll be ready to send leftovers (if you have any!) home with your guests.

If you host a soup party with 18 Chestnuts soup, we’d love to see it – please share photos on our Facebook page!

18 Chestnuts crafts delicious, plant-based soups that deliver on nutrition and flavor. We offer soup delivery subscriptions and one-time orders. Whether you’re too busy to cook, want a nutritious meal option, have dietary restrictions, or want to send soup to someone who needs a comforting meal, 18 Chestnuts is for you!

With a wide range of healthy soup flavors including Beetroot Apple, Red Pepper Pomodoro, Carrot Ginger Dill, Butternut Squash Pear, and Asparagus Shiitake, our gourmet soup will thrill your tastebuds. All 18 Chestnuts soups are dairy-free, low-glycemic, locally sourced, and nutrient-dense. Check out our soups and schedule your soup subscription today!

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